Dear ANNA Exhibitors, Supplier Walk-through Registrants, and Consultants,

Welcome to the 2023 ANNA-EU Conference, hosted by Agropolychim. We are sure that this year’s meeting in Varna will be a worthwhile week for you.

To make the most of ANNA-EU 2023, please review the attached documents very carefully. They contain important information on our Code of Conduct and Shipping.

Here are just a few of the many other things that are important to remember as you prepare for the show:

  • Only table top displays will be allowed in the Exhibit Hall. All displays must fit on top of your table. No crates, pallets, or free-standing displays. The dimensions of your table top are 180 x 70 cm.
  • Only exhibitors, walk-throughs, and producers wearing badges (and paid in full) will be allowed to participate in ANNA-EU 2023. No exceptions.

  • Displays must be set up by Monday evening and taken down Friday noon at last.

  • You will receive an exhibitor pack, with a list of attendees, at the ANNA-EU registration desk. Producer lists are not available prior to the conference.

There are many more details in the attached documents. It’s important to make the time to read them all. That will make ANNA-EU a better experience for you and for the organizers who are trying to make it a real world-class show for your customers, the producers.

Please contact Muriel at with any exhibit hall, registration or shipping related questions that aren’t answered in the attached documents.

We look forward to seeing you in Varna!

Best regards,

The 2023 ANNA-EU Team